Grief due to the death of a loved one or the loss of a job /health/goal or being in a transitional state in life can all feel the same. The process of grieving death, loss and transition is very similar - and very painful.

Grief and loss can be debilitating and the only “bad grief” is not grieving. There is no timeline for how long grief takes and the process is not linear.   Complicated grief, due the loss of any loved one to suicide or loss of a child present unique and painful challenges.

The guidance Mitch offers differs from psychotherapy in that it does not work with underlying psychopathology challenges.  He intends to provide “scaffolds of support” and suggested strategies to guide the client through the “swamp of suffering” to “dry land”.  On occasion, Mitch will refer to licensed psychotherapists to support the work.

Mitch works with clients, applying IFS healing work and draws from the teachings of Carl G. Jung, James Hollis, and other Depth Psychologists to support clients in embracing and transforming their psychic wounds.    He also co-facilitates a support group for those who lost loved ones to suicide.    Together, they draw meaning from loss and journey toward acceptance of life without the loved one or without what was lost. 

Meetings are by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or in person. Fee: $100 per hour and he will work on a sliding scale if circumstances warrant a reduction in fees.