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About Mitch

About Mitch

As a Life Coach and Spiritual Companion / Director, Mitch Cohen believes in creating a compassionate presence for his clients. Whether counseling them in issues of grief, difficult personal or professional transitions or spirituality, he creates a safe space that is ever-present.  He provides a deep and present listening; therefore, the client feels safe to share. Mitch is LGBTQ welcoming and open to supporting all people from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds and paths.

More About Mitch
Since his graduation from Georgia Tech in Civil Engineering in 1981, Mitch has reinvented himself several times.  He is now focusing on being present as a Certified Life Coach, spiritual Companion / Director and progressive Rabbi, who draws from all spiritual wisdom teachings.  

Certified as a Life Coach since 2002, the focus of his early coaching practice included transitions and life ”stuckness.”   However, after the death of both his wife and his mother in 2013, he refined his focus to Grief, Loss and difficult life Transition. He believes coaching can be very effective in taking the individual “after their effective inner work in psychotherapy to another level: moving towards a transformed future.”

A May 2020 graduate of Zeitgeist Spiritual Discovery program, Mitch supports anyone on their individual personal journey, regardless of their beliefs or past observance of faith tradition. An ordained Rabbi, he served as spiritual leader of Congregation B'Harim in North Georgia for 18 years; however, he has backed away from synagogue life to focus more on life coaching and inter-spiritual, Spiritual Companion / Direction, supporting people of any faith tradition, no faith tradition or spiritual independents. He has been teaching adult Jewish education, mysticism, Enneagram workshops, Yoga and interfaith spirituality since the mid-1990's.

In March 2019, he completed a 40-hour Enneagram Applications Certified Professional training, which allows him to consult with people in the application of the Enneagram personality profile in secular and spiritual life, as well as work, which is a tool he uses with many of his clients.

While his “mother tongue” is Progressive Judaism, he is “multilingual.” Mitch draws from perennial wisdom found in all faith traditions, but with a “non-dual” Panentheist relationship with the Divine (e.g., there is no separation between the Divine and creation, yet there also is an Infinite Source of All).

He is a member of the Carl G. Jung Society of Atlanta, and thus employs Jungian and Depth Psychology techniques, such as dream work, as well as how our repressed shadow content and complexes get in the way of living a meaningful life.

Among the causes he supports are: The Link Counseling Center, One River Foundation, Zeitgeist - Atlanta's Interfaith Home for the Spiritually Independent, Trees Atlanta, the Interfaith Community Initiative and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.    Mitch serves on the Board of Zeitgeist



Success Stories

This is a collection of interviews from actual clients gathered by a third party. 

Spiritual Companioning

Anne was not happy with traditional religion, which she says is not a good tool for self-discovery. She knew Mitch through the Atlanta interfaith community and enlisted his help in finding her true self. He initially used the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Assessment to determine which personality type fit her best. His compassion and keen insights into her personality helped her understand her inner self in a matter of weeks.

Emily working with Mitch for several weeks, focusing on her Enneagram profile and how it supported her personal and spiritual growth.   Emily shared:  "Learning about the Enneagram with Mitch was a great experience, and I am already reaping the rewards of it. He is very knowledgeable and laid everything out clearly so I could see what I’m working with and how the understanding the Enneagram can be used as a tool for healing. He is a compassionate and kind teacher, and brings the Enneagram teachings down to earth with humor and grace. I recommend him without reservation."

Grief Work

Dorothy's husband died unexpectedly after going through knee surgery. Twenty years prior, she had been her mother's caretaker before her mother passed away. Dorothy wanted to engage in grief work to achieve closure on both deaths, so she went to Mitch for grief counseling. He provided a safe presence, as well as the needed support and guidance in her grief journey.

John's sister, with whom he was very close, died in a car accident. He moved back to Atlanta to attend college after her death. He needed grief counseling, as well as help in transitioning into a new career; and a friend recommended Mitch. They initially used the Enneagram Assessment to analyze the best personality fit to find a new direction in his career. Together, they worked on John's grief, as well as his discernment of career direction. Mitch employed both life coaching strategies to help John become aware of where he was stuck and Enneagram work to support John with both grief issues and career direction. 

Amanda has known Mitch for 20 years since he was a close friend of her father's and a fellow life coach. Her dad passed away three years ago and Mitch acted as a sounding board in her grief. He taught her to appreciate where she is now and helped her understand that it's okay to be sad. She and Mitch helped each other with their grief, since his wife had passed away.

Francie knew Mitch through her synagogue. Her late husband took several classes that Mitch taught, so she knew him as a friend. When her husband died suddenly while watching football with his buddies, she was not there.  She never got to say goodbye. She had also lost her mother and sister to liver cancer, so she had never completed the grief process for them. Mitch provided grief counseling and deep listening for Francie, which helped her get through the very difficult months after her husband's death.

Life Coaching

Jinnie and Mitch met through Bridgequest, a self awareness venue. She had lost her dad at a young age and had a troubled relationship with her mother.  Unlike therapy, Mitch was able to help her process her dad's death. He provided a safe place to share my feelings, since he is such a good listener and inspired her to become a life coach.

Wedding Officiant

My husband Michael and I had the pleasure of Mitch Cohen officiating our wedding in September 2019. Mitch was a great fit for our interfaith wedding and I couldn't imagine anyone else marrying us. Mitch was very flexible regarding the ceremony, customizing it to represent both Michael and I beautifully. Mitch went above and beyond, from our pre-marital counseling sessions reviewing our Enneagram results to helping us with our PA system on wedding day. I would highly recommend Mitch as an officiant, and hope that he will be available for the baby naming (when the time comes)!

- Valerie and Michael, Atlanta, GA

Mitch was such a huge part of making our matrimony so special. The premarital counseling truly brought my husband and I together with better communication and finding an even deeper love and respect for each other. And so eloquently at the ceremony, Mitch brought both of our religions together harmoniously and created this unfathomable oneness as our families engaged in new traditions. Mitch holds a very special place in our hearts and we are extremely grateful to have had the privilege to experience this process with him.

Audrey and Robert, Atlanta, GA


  • Sessions are available in person or phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. Typical sessions are 50 minutes long. Fee is $85 per session. He will work on a sliding scale.


  • $65.00
  • 1/11/2020 01:00 PM - 1/11/2020 04:00 PM
  • 1298 Talcott Place, Decatur, GA, USA
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  • 1/11/2020 10:00 AM
  • 1298 Talcott Pl, Decatur, GA, USA
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  • 1/5/2020 02:00 PM - 1/5/2020 04:00 PM
  • 1298 Talcott Place, Decatur, GA, USA
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  • 1/1/2020 04:00 PM - 1/1/2020 06:00 PM
  • 1298 Talcott Place, Decatur, GA, USA