IFS and Enneagram Coach Practitioner

From 1998 – 2002, Mitch participated in the intensive Mastery of Coaching training program, offered by the Center for Leadership Design, and was certified as a Life Coach in Nov 2002. The training consisted of five intensives per year for three years, along with remote learning,  weekly conference calls, practice and research. The focus of his Coaching practice includes: grief, mid-life “stuckness” and difficult life transitions. 

Mid-Life Transition according to Dr. James Hollis, PhD., the transition known as the “mid-life crisis” is the “middle passage” between the first and second halves of life. However, the transition point is different for all of us. Some hit the point at age 30 and others at age 60. Generally, the “middle passage” begins when we have the experience of confronting the questions: 

Who really am I? What is my purpose in life? How can I gain meaning in living? How can I best share my inner gifts and serve? 

Mitch works with clients using the Enneagram and Internal Family Systems (IFS), to support clients in first bringing into awareness the growth and challenging behaviors of their predominant personality type.  Next, he works with clients to identify: Protective parts of the psyche that can be proactive or reactive; wounded young vulnerable parts who have been in hiding (repressed) for many years.  Then Mitch support clients in developing ways to unburden pain, soften back extreme reactive parts running in the background and better reduce the challenging behaviors of a clients predominant personality type and out of balance inner psyche.

For some, difficult life transitions are less painful and/or less challenging transition. However, for most, difficult life transitions are precipitated by a significant life change, such as an “empty nest,” loss of a job, "mid-life crisis," a health challenge, accepting aging, an emotional upheaval, divorce, etc. 

Mitch works with clients by supporting them in distinguishing how they may have followed someone else’s plan and / or expectations for living from the often crippling angst felt in trying to figure out and implement a new life plan of their own. Something (or perhaps someone) is often lost in the process and it must be grieved.

He works with clients via Zoom or in-person and his fee is $100 per session.  Initial sessions are free.


With Mitch's help, I've been able to deepen my understanding of myself and heal some core wounds around growing up as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Mitch is a strong LGBTQ+ ally and I consistently feel how passionately he is on my side. With his Internal Family Systems approach, combined with his life and professional experience I really trust him and am able to go deeper inside myself and boost my self-acceptance and self-esteem more than in any therapy I had before. These are deep changes that are liberating me from old baggage and helping me thrive.

-C, age 47, male to non-binary; IFS-Informed therapist