By March 2020, Mitch completed 160-hours of Enneagram Applications training presented by the Atlanta Center for Wellness, Enneagram Georgia and the Enneagram Institute.  The training allows Mitch to consult with people in the application of the Enneagram personality profile to secular and spiritual life, as well as work.   

The Enneagram is an important tool in helping clients: (1) identify how their inner Sacred Self was shutdown and then masked by compensating behaviors, (2) become aware of how their predominant ego-fixations and ways of dealing with pain get in the way of effective living, and (3) apply strategies for living from our highest virtuous behavior, rediscovering and expressing our most healthy, Sacred Selves.

Mitch has also completed training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), which allows clients to learn how to befriend their inner protector subpersonality parts, such as Inner Critic, Perfectionist, Catastrophizer, Play Small, Push, Push and Achieve, etc., all which protect other stuck-in-time younger, vulnerable wounded parts.   Guided by Mitch, the client learns to heal the wounded parts and invite the protector parts to soften, which allows the Individuation Self / Spiritual core of the client to lead.

Inter-spiritual Spiritual Companions / Directors support all kinds of people with their various foundational belief systems on their current spiritual journeys through life. Believing the spiritual experience takes place in many forms, not just organized religion, Spiritual Companion / Directors focus on individual relationships and building small communities of exploration, deep inner work and finding one’s own true path. Inter-spiritual Spiritual Direction draws from the Perennial Wisdom of all spiritual traditions and teachings, and strives to focus on inclusion, social awareness, and cultivating consciousness.

Inter-spiritual Spiritual Companion / Directors:

  • Create and hold safe space with those with whom they support in an objective, non-judgmental way.
  • Are contemplative and honor silence and meditation as spiritual practices.
  • Provide deep listening, allowing people to awaken to and follow their own spiritual path.
  • Ask open-ended questions that allow others to connect with their authentic selves.
  • Use spiritual practices, such as the Enneagram Profile, dream work, meditation, wisdom text study, chanting and music, which can allow people to become aware of what is deep within them.
  • Build trust and openness by being authentic, kind and open
  • Help the people who they support to create a stronger relationship with their Inner Self and the Divine, however they refer to the ground of all Being.


Religious Trauma
Far too many of us were taught religious dogma or fear-based rituals and practices by our parents, clergy and religious school teachers. For those who left religion because of this trauma, or who are suffering from guilt or anxiety resulting from the trauma, Spiritual Companion / Direction can support the client in reclaiming the meaningful wisdom from their religion of origin, as well as from other pathways. In this way, a new spiritual path can be embarked upon, with the early life religious trauma resolved.

 Fee: $85 per hour and he will work on a sliding scale if circumstances warrant a reduction in fees.