Mitch is LGBTQ welcoming and open to supporting anyone from any spiritual path, origin, race, or orientation. While his “mother tongue” is Progressive Judaism, he is “multilingual.” Mitch draws from perennial wisdom found in all faith traditions, but with a “non-dual” Panentheist theology (e.g., there is no separation between the Divine and creation, yet there also is an Infinite Source of All).

Weddings Include:

Creation of the ceremony based on traditional or a custom-written ceremony, including the Ketubah ceremony.  In addition, Mitch will provide at least 4 pre-marital counseling sessions, drawing first from each partner's Enneagram Profile (Mitch is a certified consultant) and then doing further work on relationship dynamics, effective communication and healthy conflict management.

He always meets with a couple for an initial gathering to see if the “fit” is right for the couple. If not, he refers to other independent rabbis or clergy.

Not EVER wanting to be a “rent a rabbi”,  he meets several times with the couple over the months before the wedding ceremony.  Meetings can be in person, or by Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. 

Costs are $1,000 with or without pre-marital counseling. There is a $50 travel fee if a wedding is more than 20 miles from Dunwoody, Georgia and I will work on a sliding scale if circumstances warrant a reduction in fees.